My Perfect LC Lauren Conrad Jeans // Sponsored by Kohl’s

It’s here! I am so excited to share the video of the new Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s jean line (check it out!). Going into this project, I was thinking a lot about what I need from a pair of jeans. I’m a mom, but the idea of “mom jeans” makes me think of deeply unflattering, high waisted, flat butted nightmares. But…I do need mom jeans. I need jeans that don’t ride down when I have to bend over to pick James up, or that reveal my belly when he grabs at my shirt. They need to be stretchy as I bend and move around, and you know what? I need them to be flattering too. A girl can dream, right? Well, Lauren’s a mom too (our sons are about a month apart) and she actually designed the perfect jeans for me as a mom. They’re mid rise, have four way stretch, and not a flat butt in sight. I’ve been wearing the jeans constantly since our shoot, and I’m so impressed that the minimalistic distressing hasn’t changed after several washes. They are super versatile, and comfortable too. The line comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which I love, because whether you’re petite or curvy, or have a tall mom bod like me, everyone deserves to look great in their jeans.