DIY DERBY HAT // The Kitchy Kitchen

Two of my favorite ladies are from Kentucky, and proud of it too. Dean and Whitney possess that perfect southern blend of ladylike manners with salty humor. They can arch an eyebrow sharper than a ruler, say “Bless your heart” so sweetly that you’d never know shade was thrown, and are the most fun people to drink mint juleps with – ever.

They also look super cute in fancy hats. This post it dedicated to them.

I was introduced to Derby parties by Whitney, who mixes up batches of delicious mint juleps, which you can watch here:

I’ve been inspired by the gorgeous work of Jennifer Behr for a while, and her meticulously constructed hair accessories with French netting fit perfectly into my “dressing like a Raymond Chandler Femme Fatale one day” fantasy. I also have a “dress like Claire Underwood” and a “dress like a futuristic librarian” fantasy.  But back to hats. Unless you attend a lot of British weddings, the Derby is one of the only places a girl can get her fancy hat game on.  So when the derby was on my horizon this year, I drew from Jennifer Behr’s work for inspiration and created my own, under $15 version of the headband. It took minutes to put together, and is such a fun, unexpected take on the wide brimmed Kentucky Derby hat.

DIY DERBY HAT // The Kitchy Kitchen

You can find the supplies here:



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