open shelving collage

When I mentioned to my mom that I might hang a picture above my bed, she worriedly said the LA mom version of “you’ll shoot your eye out” : “But, what about an earthquake?” I’ve spent my entire life in fear of a chandelier, painting, or book shelf collapsing on me during the next “big one.” As a southern Californian, open shelving has never been a viable option for me. It’s just too dangerous. (There mom, are you happy now?)

But for everyone else who isn’t terrified by the implications of plate tectonics, open shelving is for you! I love the idea of breaking down walls, adding light, removing restrictions, and open shelving speaks to me that way.  It’s the perfect opportunity to make your kitchen look curated.  An open shelf displays rather than holds cups and saucers, so if you have some antique plates, your favorite jadeite bowls, or some vintage glassware, open shelving would look amazing in your space.  Hope you enjoy the inspiration!




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  • I grew up in Northern California and lived through several earthquakes (including a 5.0 one in 2000) and had two open bookshelves over my bed filled with mostly picture books. Sometimes my mother would burst in the in the middle of the night when she thought she felt an earthquake to make sure I hadn’t been crushed by anything. So I hear you.

    When that large earthquake did happen, several things did fall off the shelf, but none on me or the bed. Guess I lucked out there.