A fridge is never the focal point of the kitchen.  It’s monolithic, stainless steel, and sometimes scattered with sentimental ephemera.  Usually the best you can hope for is that it will be invisible, hidden behind cabinet doors, or shoved into a discreet corner.  But then I had a Dorothy after the tornado moment.  I emerged from my stainless steel confines into a dragée colored world of lacquered pink, mint, and cream. Welcome to the world of Smeg, your new fantasy fridge.  These fridges aren’t just meant to exist in your kitchen, they practically demand to be put on display.  Gorgeous 1950s lines like a vintage Mercedes roadster, mid century hardware to match, and a wine rack right smack in the middle of the fridge.  The designers at Smeg are my kind of people.  The only bummer is that Smeg’s are only available in their rather diminutive 19 square foot model in the U.S., so for a more substantial candy colored fridge, you’ll have to snag one in Europe.  Le sigh.

Here are some of my favorite kitchens, centering on these Italian made beauties. The vintage style ovens are to die for as well!

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