Root beer floats are a family tradition for me. It’s my dad’s must-have dessert on his birthday. There’s something about the icy crust that forms around the ice cream in the soda. The cream with the herbaceous kick of the root beer is such a delicious combination, how could it possibly get better?

Enter Courtney from Large Marge. She’s a kick ass cook with the best ideas, and this is one of them. She’s also a lover of root beer floats, but bon-bons (ice cream coated in chocolate) were her favorite treat, so she combined them in one glass. The results are delicious, and a very elegant twist on the whole float concept. Make sure to check out our video for details on how to whip these up!

BON-BON ROOT BEER FLOATS // The Kitchy Kitchen

BON-BON ROOT BEER FLOATS // The Kitchy Kitchen


For 8 floats

1 recipe bon-bons

1 liter root beer


To assemble one float, put three to five bon-bons in a glass and top with your favorite soda. Stir and serve with a spoon.


1 pint best quality vanilla bean ice cream, very frozen

Scoop the ice cream at least two hours before you need to enrobe and serve the bon-bons


6 ounces 64% valrhona chocolate

it’s important to use good quality chocolate here. If you don’t want to use valrhona, find a brand that you love and use it — just make sure it’s a dark chocolate, not milk or white.

¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons coconut oil


Line a metal sheet pan with foil and put it in the freezer for at least 10 minutes.  Leave it in the freezer until you are ready to scoop the bon-bons.

When you are ready to start scooping, get a small metal measuring spoon (either ¼ teaspoon or ½ teaspoon, depending on how big you want your bon-bons to be) and fill a small glass with hot water.

Remove the sheet pan from the freezer, along with the ice cream.

Put the scooper in the hot water and, after a couple seconds, remove it and use it to scoop balls of the ice cream, putting the balls directly onto the frozen sheet pan. (Put the scooper in the hot water between each scoop of ice cream to heat it up — this makes your scoops cleaner and prettier and helps them release from the spoon.  But don’t worry too much about how the scoops look.  They don’t have to be perfect.)

Scoop as many balls as you can before they start to melt. Once you notice them softening and melting, put them back in the freezer for 30 minutes until they firm up again. Then get back to scooping.  The name of the game here is speed! (Depending on how fast you move, you may need to do this in several batches.)  Alternately, you can put as many sheet-pans in your freezer as you want and take turns using them so you don’t have to wait 30 minutes each time.  For 6 people, you will want at least 20 scoops.

Put the pan(s) in the freezer and let them harden for at least two hours or over night.

For the mystic shell, put the chocolate and coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl and melt them together in 30 second intervals until smooth and homogenous.

Let the chocolate mixture cool to room temperature before use to coat the bon-bons.

Once the shell is cool enough, but still liquid, remove the scooped ice cream from the fridge, and using a fork to hold the balls, dip each ball into the shell.  Don’t be precious about it, you want some of the ice cream to peek through.  Work quickly before the ice cream starts to melt putting the pan back into the freezer if needed.

Once enrobed, the bon-bons can stay in your freezer for up to a month, covered.  You will also likely have mystic shell leftover.  Save it for your next batch of bon-bons or use it on an ice cream sundae.  It will last for many moons in the fridge.