ICE CREAM SANDWICHES // The Kitchy Kitchen

My brother Henry is deeply passionate about his ice cream sandwiches. He demands a chewy, tender cookie (preferably warm) and an abundance of excellent ice cream. None of this sticking-to-you-finger crap of the vending machine ice cream sandwiches.

Inspired by Henry’s one true love, I came up with this easy method, for creating a dozen ice cream sandwiches in a snap. The best part, is that it’s make ahead. You can prep this, leave it in your fridge, and then have ice cream sandwiches at the ready whenever you need! Enjoy!

ICE CREAM SANDWICHES // The Kitchy Kitchen


one 9 x 13” pan

wax paper (or parchment paper)

2 to 3 dozen of your favorite cookies, slightly under baked (amount of cookies depends on their size)

1 gallon ice cream of choice, softened


Line your pan with wax paper, and lay in half of the cookies, upside down. Cut additional cookies in half to fill any large holes. Cover with ice cream, and spread until evenly coated, about 3/4 inch thick. Layer with remaining cookies, right side up, filling in holes with halves. Freeze until set, usually about 2 hours.

To serve, remove the ice cream sandwich block from the freezer about 15 minutes before serving, just to let everything soften a bit. Using a very sharp knife, cut the block into pieces. Enjoy!