RISING SUN JUICE // The Kitchy Kitchen

I love this combination of carrot, coconut, orange, and a bit of spice. Slightly sweet, nicely balanced, it’s super thirst quenching and refreshing. This would also make a brilliant smoothie if you blended coconut meat in as well. Enjoy! 

RISING SUN JUICE // The Kitchy Kitchen

RISING SUN JUICE // The Kitchy Kitchen

RISING SUN JUICE // The Kitchy Kitchen


2 carrots

1 inch piece fresh ginger

1 cup coconut water

1/2 orange, juiced

1 lime, juiced

1 pinch ground cardamom


Juice the carrots and ginger, combine with the juices and cardamom. If you don’t have a juicer, pop everything in the blender, and puree super thoroughly. Pour through a strainer. The juice is best enjoyed immediately!

  • Those flavor combinations sound amazing. . .but these days it seems like I gravitate towards anything with coconut in it the. Can’t wait to give this a try.

  • I love the color of this juice! So perfectly orange – I must try it soon! And cannot help but notice how gorgeously it matches this white marble counter.

  • Sarah

    Love this juice! However, what happened to the Junk Food Smoothies post?

  • Wow I’m sure this drink really wakes you up with the kick of ginger! That perfect orange color!!

  • Hi there! Your juice looks beautiful. I love the orange color! I’m definitely going to try it today. Can’t wait, must be so delicious! Thank you for the post =)

    • TheKitchyKitchen

      Thank you, I hope you love it!