Duh Duh. Duh Duh.

It’s crazy how those two notes can make you want to stay on the sand while your friends are off frolicking in the waves.  Jaws is still one of those movies that strikes terror into swimmers every summer, standing the test of time – which in the horror genre, is no easy feat. The film’s minimalism, due to the faulty mechanical shark, creates a threatening unknown – always lurking and ready to strike. I dare you to watch this movie and go for a night swim.

So while you’re sitting beach side, avoiding the terror beneath the waves, here’s a cocktail to cool you off. Inspired by another classic movie monster and cocktail, The Zombie, this drink is sweet, smoky, and with a fresh burst of citrus to keep it refreshing. Enjoy!



1 ounce pineapple juice

1 ounce orange juice

1 teaspoon sugar

1/2 ounce mezcal

2 ounces Bacardi 151 proof rum or light rum

1 ounce dark rum

1 ounce lime juice


Blend all ingredients with ice except Bacardi 151 proof rum. Pour into a collins glass. Float Bacardi 151 proof rum on top. Garnish with a fruit slice, sprig of mint and a cherry.

  • Elizabeth

    My Mom used to describe the original Zombie she had in New York City in the early 1940’s. It involved a special glass that was about 8 or 10 inches tall, gently tapered down from the 4 inch diameter mouth to the 2 – 2 1/2 inch bottom, which was weighted. The Zombie glasses she brought back had a pale orange stripe around the glass near the top.

    As she described them, four to six different, well-chilled rums of varying colors were carefully layered, and orange slices with maraschino cherries skewered to them were placed on the edge of the glass. She said it would “knock you on your keester!”

    I never had one – don’t enjoy getting “knocked on my keester!” But the glasses were pretty. Wish I still had some of those pretty glasses!

    • TheKitchyKitchen

      Wow, thanks for this vivid description! Sounds amazing!