THE S'MORES LATTE // The Kitchy Kitchen

Toronto is one of my favorite food cities. The combination of myriad cultural references with youthful exuberance leads to some very fun, very delicious surprises. Enter Sweet Jesus, the facetiously named ice cream shop that also specializes in comically over the top coffee drinks. More is more is more here. The S’mores Latte is a regular latte, topped with a float of toasted mini marshmallows and dripping with melted chocolate. Graham cracker crumbs are dusted on top.

I ordered the latte and a birthday cake ice cream cone for myself, which proved a challenge when I noticed there were no tables on which to set my coffee down. So there I was, double fisting, when two ladies saw me and commented, “All for you?” a bit snidely. YEAH WHAT ABOUT IT I yelled with my face covered in sprinkles and s’mores.

That didn’t actually happen, but I like to think in some alternate universe somewhere, it did.

Anyway, here is the recipe to the latte so I can enjoy it away from the judging eye of basic bitches.

THE S'MORES LATTE // The Kitchy Kitchen

THE S'MORES LATTE // The Kitchy Kitchen

THE S'MORES LATTE // The Kitchy Kitchen


1 shot espresso

6 ounces foamed milk

handful mini marshmallows

graham cracker crumbs

melted chocolate + cream


Combine espresso and foamed milk. Top with marshmallows and torch with a butane torch. If you don’t have a torch, set the oven to broil pop the cup in, and just toast the tops of the marshmallows. Drizzle with chocolate and top with graham cracker crumbs. Enjoy!