When I came across this vintage recipe, I was curious about how it would turn out. The name “Orange Bread” makes me think of pound cake, but this light yeast bread isn’t heavy or sweet. It’s actually begging to be toasted with a touch of marmalade on top. Or left stale and used for french toast? Or maybe even toasted and used as the base for a chicken curry sandwich?  I took this in a little sweeter direction, but I love how versatile and lovely the result is. enjoy!


Makes 2 loaves.

3 packets dry active yeast (6 3/4 teaspoons)

1 cup lukewarm milk

1 teaspoon salt

I cup fresh squeezed orange juice (unstrained)

3 tablespoons granulated sugar

Grated rind of 2 medium-sized oranges

1 egg yolk, well-beaten

4 cups bread flour, sifted twice

2 tablespoons butter, melted


Preheat oven to 350° F.

Combine the yeast and lukewarm milk (not over 90F or you might kill the yeast); mix well then stir in orange juice and grated rind, salt, sugar and beaten egg yolk. Beat briskly until well blended. Let it sit for about 5 minutes, until quite bubbly. Gradually stir in the flour, mixing thoroughly after each addition. Place upon lightly floured board and knead for one minute. Turn the dough into a greased mixing bowl; cover; and let rise to double its bulk in a warm spot in the kitchen. Now punch down the dough and knead a half minute. Divide dough into two equal parts; shape into loaves; place in greased lined loaf pans and allow to rise to double in bulk. Brush tops with melted butter and bake in the oven for one hour, unti golden brown on top. Remove from pans and top with glaze. Serve warm and thinly sliced.


: You can use regular oranges too!

1 cup powdered sugar

3 tablespoons orange juice (I used blood orange)

1 blood orange, zested


Whisk everything together to desired texture. Add more powdered sugar to thicken, and juice to thin. If it hardens over just stir to loosen it up.