I am so excited to share a closer look into our progress at Zuhause. I helped my good friend Jessi Ramseier Gadhia redesign her home and we are so happy with the results! Today we revisit the main and guest bathrooms as well as our kitchen to check out the beautiful fixtures we chose from Delta Faucet!

The idea behind the main bathroom was to have a zen feeling in there where you can find reprieve from a long day at work. To help achieve that, we turned to Delta Faucet for our fixtures.

Delta fixtures are so sleek and modern so they can really complement or create beautiful contrasts in your spaces. We went with Delta’s chrome fixtures and what I love about them is they don’t match the brass that we have happening with the light fixtures. Although some people may stress out about things not coordinating perfectly, you can have fun playing with cool and warm tones like we did here.

The sleekness of the chrome fixtures really adds a nice contrast to the more organic elements that are present like the soft milky colored tiles that have these natural lines and texture to it.

In the guest bathroom we chose these stark matte black fixtures from Delta.

It really stands out against the softer and natural tones as well as the brass lighting fixtures, which we really loved and implemented in both bathrooms and the kitchen too.

I remember the first time I walked into the kitchen and seeing how dark it was.

Jessi really didn’t like it so the idea was to just pop out as much space as possible the get the light bouncing.

To really compliment the warm natural tones, we brought back more of those Delta chrome fixtures that enhance the space with a beautiful contrast to the, you named it, brass lighting fixtures.

I hope you enjoyed exploring the beautiful Delta fixtures in Zuhause and stay tuned for more!