I once heard someone say “Art is like the jewelry of a room,” and I couldn’t agree more. Art can make the space, and elevate it or transport it somewhere else. What’s a gallery, after all, other than a blank space of four walls? When it was time to “accessorize” the Sweet Laurel Cottage, I was so excited to partner with Society 6. I’ve used them to create gallery walls in my cabin and nursery at home, and knew they’d be the perfect resource for art at the cottage. First off – there’s just so much. Truly, thousands and thousands of artists to choose from. 

I knew we wanted to stick with a “modern English garden” look, so I tried to find a mix in a combination of classical paintings and modern line drawings and minimalist paintings. For the dining room, I chose pieces that echoed some of the green tones throughout the space and balanced them with warmth. I especially love the conservation natural frames – they’re such a lovely neutral tone that worked in any space in the house. I joked with Laurel that I found a painting of her – a beautiful piece by Thing Design. We floated the paintings in a gallery cloud on the wall next to the dining table. It gets beautiful light and is a lovely backdrop for the Chandelier. To see the collection I chose for the dining room, click here.

The other area where we highlighted artwork was in Nico’s nursery. Inspired by Nico’s favorite animals (lions, horses, and puppies) and Laurel’s love of traditional art, we combined some antique pieces with new, playful ones. We didn’t want the space to feel too babyish, so the mix of artwork has a nice balance of subjects. I love how the gallery wall turned out and how beautifully it goes with the wallpaper. For the full collection, make sure to go here.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about the beautiful gallery walls in the Sweet Laurel Cottage!