I’m officially a baby-wearing convert. For the last few months, it was a non-starter for James and me. I’d strap him to my body and he’s immediately fuss and push against the carrier. I tried facing him out and was met with frustrated tears. He seemed so uncomfortable, and it wasn’t that much more convenient for me. Yeah, my hands were free, but James always felt precariously perched, as if one false move would send him tumbling to the floor.

But then I partnered with Boppy to try out the Boppy™ ComfyFit® Baby Carrier. I was skeptical, but wanted to believe the dream of a tears-free baby-wearing experience. I had never tried one of those chic baby wraps because I am terrible at weaving – no lanyards for me at summer camp or french braids for soccer practice – and assumed I would end up tangling James haphazardly in a scarf if I attempted to use one. The great thing about the carrier is that it looks like a chic baby carrier but is super easy to use for a klutz like me. There’s a belt with a snap, straps that go around my shoulders, and minimal fussing. I just loop it on and tie the knot. It also feels amazing, like my favorite yoga pants. It’s stretchy but strong, and really soft, like James and I are molding into it rather than being restricted. So off I go, cooking up some baby food for James.

It works! I’m slicing, pureeing, moving around the kitchen and James is fine. Better than fine, he’s cozy and entertained by all of the action, relaxed by the gentle movement. The cherry on top is that it’s basically the size of a sweater so I can toss in a large purse or diaper bag – it’s not this bulky monster. I’m so excited to finally have a baby-wearing solution.

For the baby food, I’m doing sort of a half baby-led-weaning half spoon-fed approach. I present cut up options to James on his little tray and give him a shot at eating it himself, and once he’s smashed it in his face or thrown it across the room, I spoon-feed him a bit of food until he’s done. I’m introducing one whole food at a time, adding another every four days. So, first was avocado, then sweet potato, then spinach, then coconut yogurt (coconut milk fermented with probiotics), then apples, and then blackberries. I’m saving bolder flavors for a few more weeks when he has a broad spectrum of flavors until his belt.

Once a flavor is added, I can mix and match it with previous flavors. For instance, blending coconut yogurt with blackberries, or blackberries with applesauce, or avocado with spinach. At the beginning I added a bit of breastmilk to make the mixtures soft and also to have a familiar flavor in there.

Here are the combos I liked best for James’s first few weeks of eating:

Week 1

Avocado, mashed with breastmilk and served in slices

Sweet, mashed with breastmilk and served in slices

Week 2

Coconut yogurt plain and mixed with sweet potato

Spinach mixed with avocado

Week 3

Roasted apples, mashed with coconut yogurt and served in slices

Roasted apples and sweet potato mashed together

Week 4

Blackberries mixed with coconut yogurt

Blackberries mixed with roasted apples


What flavors should I try next? So excited to expand baby bear’s palate.


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