Just as we settled into our house, just as we made all of the finishing touches, we find out we need to turn our guest room into a nursery. At the beginning of my pregnancy, this was a bit overwhelming, because of the possible domino effects – will we have a second kid? Where will guests sleep? I have to buy more stuff? Oh God the storage?!

But as I continued to pin and my belly continued to mockingly stretch normal length shirts into crop tops, I started to get excited. Maybe it’s the hormones, or maybe it’s all of the cute stuff that’s available, but I’m actually looking forward to this room renovation.

The first issue was storage. Our guest bedroom isn’t huge, and there’s just the one “hotel sized” closet in the corner. Perfect for guests, not ideal as a long term solution. I knew the first hurdle would be creating attractive, functional storage for all of the stuff kids have (and after watching a few friends and family have kids, I can tell you, they manifest stuff like mushrooms under a rock. It’s crazy). For this, I turned to Pottery Barn Kids and honestly, I love the mid century lines of so many of their pieces, like the Reese Crib, so quite a few moments of inspiration are coming from there. But, along with the storage, I wanted to have enough space to place a Queen bed or a set of twin beds if we have another kid and stay in this house for a while. So, I’ve gravitated towards the idea of two columns of bookcases with a space in between, with a pretty wall sconce. And then I found myself wanting to add a bit of whimsy, and I fell in love with the wall murals at Anewall. Finish with a rug from Armadillo + Co and some fixtures from Rejuvenation et voila!

I want the nursery to feel like a continuation of the house, rather than this random, baby-ish element within it, so I’ve been looking to companies with a mid century modern aesthetic for inspiration. Stokke was one of the first brands I reached out to, because they manage to make baby gear sleek and modern but still super functional. How cute is the Steps high chair?

For color palette, I’m keeping it neutral with grays and soft, pale sage blues. I want the kid(s) to be able to grow into the space for a bit, rather than have to change it up in a few years because it feels too infantile. Though I’m sure the lego blocks and mini T-rexes strewn across the floor will do that for me.

Check out my registries at Pottery Barn Kids and Baby List!


I am partnering with these brands for my nursery, and I can’t wait to show you guys the finished results!

Pottery Barn Kids




Armadillo + Co