My “off duty style” isn’t usually much in the style department. I tend to be horizontal, in bed, picking out popcorn remnants from my bra, balancing a remote and/or cat on my newly popped belly. A vision of pregnant glamour, indeed. But, every now and then I empty a bottle of dry shampoo into my hair and pull it together, and try to trick people into believing that my pajamas are in fact real clothes.

Here are some of my favorite, barely pulled together looks!

LOOK 1: Around the House

When I know I can’t robe-life it, this is my go to look for padding around the house. It’s monochromatic, it’s cozy, and the slippers are very wonderful.

Uniqlo Men’s Sweat Pants:

I stole these from my husband once I got bigger in pregnancy, and they are officially mine now, no take-backs. They’re the perfect weight, not schlubby, and look relatively reasonable if paired with good outer wear.

Minnetonka Moccasins:

I’m obsessed with these. Yes, they’re slippers, but they’re not slippers, you know? They still feel like actual shoes, come in every possible color, and are my favorite thing to put on my slowly swelling feet.

Madewell Chambray:

Because duh. My boobs are a runaway train and this shirt doesn’t bring attention to that. Also, it’s comfy and practically impervious to stains.

Jenni Kayne Cashmere Cardigan:

This sweater is ultra luxurious, but as it is my second home, I have zero regrets. It’s extremely comfortable and chic, and makes me feel like I’m living out a Nancy Meyer’s cashmere fantasy.


Zara Skinny Jeans:

I popped very late, so I’m still on the border of maternity jeans versus regular jeans. But, my body is as if I ate a a burrito all the time, so I needed new transition jeans. Enter the Zara mid rise skinny’s. High enough to deal with my growing belly, but inexpensive enough that I feel totally fine about purchasing “transition jeans.”  They’re also super cute and comfy.

Jenni Kayne slides:

I mentioned the swelling feet already, and flats just seem to cut into me more than ever. But my JK slides? Always comfortable. The best part is that these chic flats are basically slippers, but you look effortless put together, without having to put in any extra effort.

Saint James Breton Sweater:

I love a stripe – and when I don’t know what to wear, but I need to look functional, it’s my first choice. I love the classic shape of the Saint James Breton Sweaters, and the unisex is long enough that I can wear it while pregnant. It looks cute fitted or baggy, so go for what you like best.


Jenni Kayne slides:

If I’m going totally monochromatic (sorry, denim is a mono), I might try to add a pop with my shoes or a fun accessory. In this case it’s a python variation of my JK slides. I got these at a sample sale, but she’s always putting our beautiful colors and patterns, so find a version that works for you.

Luv AJ necklaces:

My sister is an amazing jewelry designer, and I figured out the best backdoor way of getting free jewelry. I simply wear her stuff until it’s so worn and old she feels sorry for me, and sends me something new only if I get rid of that thing barely holding onto my neck from 5 seasons ago. DEAL.

I love these more delicate, layered pieces she’s been creating, and they’re perfect “set it and forget it” jewelry. I put this on and I can wear it all week. It goes with everything, gets constant compliments, and is comfortable enough to sleep in. Basically the perfect accessory.

T by Wang Dress:

This dress is basically my nightie, but if I’m wearing a bra it’s officially ready for the outside world. T by Wang is the best when it comes to lived in, effortless cotton pieces, and their linen dresses are no exception. They’re also ridiculously comfortable so get ready to wear anything T by Wang until it falls off your body.

JCrew Jean Jacket:

I never used to rock a jean jacket, but I find it’s the perfect non-jacket to add to an outfit: it rarely adds warmth, but it makes an outfit look complete. I love this one from JCrew for it’s wash and shape. I look like a house if I wear a vintage Levi’s jacket that’s baggy, but I don’t want something cloyingly fitted either. This jacket is a perfect compromise.