One of the most frustrating things about my first trimester was the lack of massages. No one will give you one. There is a variety of reasons for this (mostly it’s the liability), so I needed to make do at home. But of course, there was another complication here – the oils. I had no idea that pregnancy was a Russian nesting doll of bizarre “don’ts.” Sure, we all know about laying off the booze and mercury heavy fish, but essential oils? The concerns are a bit vague, but essentially (ha!) some feel that certain oils can cause complications in your pregnancy, especially in the early stages, such as encouraging labor. No thanks! Luckily, my favorite essential oils were for the most part mommy safe, and inspired by my favorite massage oil scent, Amma, by Jiva Apoha.

It’s also super easy and less expensive to whip up your own batch. Here’s what I did.

8 oz Vitamin E Oil, to help with stretch marks and chapped skin. For a thinner massage oil, add Almond Oil.

5 drops Palmarosa Oil. This powerful oil is super moisturizing and healing and is believed to help with inflammation.

3 drops Sandalwood Oil. It’s not surprising that this oil is one of the most popular in the world. The scent is divine and the oil is used to help with issues spanning from anxiety to scar tissue.

3 drops Jasmine or Neroli, depending on your comfort zone.

Jasmine is believed to possibly trigger contractions, so skip this scent if you have any misgivings. It’s a beautiful scent, known as “queen of the night” for its seductive fragrance. It also can help with sore muscles and stretch marks.

Neroli is deeply relaxing and thought to help with sleep issues, as well as any number of skin problems – wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, you name it. I love this powdery, fresh scent.

Combine everything in a dark glass bottle and keep in a cool, dark place. Oils can turn and lose their potency if exposed to light and heat. Enjoy whenever you need a massage, some moisture, or just an aromatherapy pick me up!