Being in my third trimester in the summer time has changed some priorities. First off, sandals are the only shoes that fit my swollen feet, and thank god pants aren’t necessary anymore because mama doesn’t have time for that. And for beauty – I’m way more interested in skincare than make up. The pregnancy “glow” is a made up thing to make pregnant ladies feel better about their life force being sucked from their body (seriously, I’ve never had skin this dry in my life!), so keeping my skin protected and moisturized is my top goal.

Nova – Green Musk

I love keeping this little perfume in my purse for perfume emergencies, which means, anytime the heat is getting to me, and I feel like I need to freshen up a bit. It’s fresh and earthy, and honestly, just a beautiful green scent that’s never cloying, always bright.

Ouai Wave Spray

I haaaaaattttte dealing with my hair, and in the summer, I’m basically playing chicken with my dignity on how many days I can get away with dry shampoo. When I finally yield and wash my hair – I spray it with this luscious wave spray to create the “effortless” summer look I would usually have to rely on a blow out and curling iron for. Plus, it smells amazing.

Indian Healing Clay

Another trick for getting fantastic waves, is giving my hair a quick soak in a very light solution of this clay and water. I don’t wash it out, but just let the clay do it’s thing. It creates these sculptural waves that are so fun to style. This same clay is also a lovely detoxifying mask for my skin and scalp.

Glossier Moon Mask

Deeply hydrating, I love the way this plush mask feels on my skin. Especially after a day in the heat, this cooling mask is super soothing on my sensitive/dry skin.

Piggy Clay Mask

I bought this mask as a novelty – the bubbles fizz and expand on your face for a super tingly experience – but it’s actually awesome as well. It leaves my skin super clean, but not tight or dry.

Ettang Soothing Mask

Hello pregnancy glow! This mask peels and soothes, so I can get a nice exfoliating experience without leaving my skin raw.

Caudalie Anti Wrinkle Protection

I’m a Caudalie fan girl, and I’m working through their entire product line slowly. I love their Anti Wrinkle protection for under my make up because it’s surprisingly light. In the summer, I save the more heavy duty stuff for the evening.


My derm stands by this brand for moisturizers and safe SPF, and with my sensitive skin I’m always looking for soothing products with less junk. I love this line of moisturizers, but especially the SPF for daily protection.

Glossier Lip Balm in “Like”

The perfect lip balm, full stop. I love the color and it’s moisturizing rather than drying, creating a “yes my lips are naturally this flushed and full” look.