When I would share my due date with friends (end of July, by the way), I would always get the response, “Oh you’re so lucky to be missing summer!” Earlier in my pregnancy, I didn’t really understand this response. Why would it matter? Isn’t summer all about flouncy dresses and switching out make up for sun block, and hair maintenance for dry shampoo? Pregnancy seemed like a good fit for summer, especially after seeing heavily pregnant women trudging through the snow in a too-tight parka’s during my last trip to Toronto.

But here we are, in my third trimester, in 90 degree heat.

Oh my god it sucks.

My ankles are swollen – but, not in a normal way – in a “I can’t wiggle my toes they’re so puffy” kind of way. I can’t stop sweating, and nothing fits my body. Literally nothing. Can a bathrobe and compression socks be my summer wardrobe? And did I mention the chafing? There’s a reason why pregnant women waddle and I just discovered it.

So for summer style, I’ve been focussed on a few things: Comfort, lightness, and relative cuteness. All of these looks are ones I’ve been wearing to death and loving every moment of. I’m a caftan lady now! I’m wearing a peplum! And most importantly, I’m keeping my feet elevated.

*Note: None of these outfits are maternity, so, you can def wear them after baby!

Look 1

My mom got me this outfit when Victoria Beckham’s line first dropped at Target, and it’s been my one “pants” look for summer. I feel like Doris Day in my head to toe gingham, and paired with some comfortable sandals and fringe earrings, it creates a polished, fun look without a lot of effort. Even if I’m the size of a boat, I’m a gingham covered boat, which people seem to dig. Plus, the whole look is so comfortable!

Victoria Beckham for Target Blouse and Pants

Oak + Fort Earrings

Freda Salvador Sandals

Common Los Angeles Sunglasses

 Look 2

This dress is one of my favorites. It comes with a cloth belt, but obviously my body is way past that. Unbelted, it’s roomy and light – perfect for summer. The sleeves are the most flattering length, and honestly, this is just one of those perfect dresses. Leave it to Reformation! My swollen feet are obsessed with the cute, strappy sandals from Olive and June – which comfortably stretch with my ever growing shoe size. I’m wearing my favorite necklace, a rose gold charm choker from my sister for my baby shower, from her fine jewelry line Apres. My barely blush pink glasses from Warby Parker finish off the whole look.

Reformation Ghana Dress

Warby Parker Glasses, Tilley in Grapefruit Soda

JCrew Denim Jacket

Olive and June x Charlotte Stone Saturday Sandals

Someware Tote

Apres Jewelry Necklace

Look 3

Rachel Pally has been a favorite of mine since my sister interned for her as a teenager. I’m not sure what fabric she uses, but it’s pure magic. You will not find something softer, stretchier, or more comfortable. This full length dress is so effortless and elegant with some strong jewelry, but even on a lazy day with your hair in a top knot, it’s a no-brainer choice.

Rachel Pally Long Caftan Dress

Oak + Fort Earrings

Look 4

I was not a caftan person until I hit my third trimester. I’ve always been a bit zaftig, meaning, I have a relationship with spanks and have to wear a full on bra – so breezy, boxy, flowing garments were not that flattering on me. As anyone with my body type can tell you, it’s about structure, otherwise you look as big as your biggest part. But here I am, with a giant belly, and my fear of looking “big” fully out the window.

When I slipped on Pondicherie’s caftan, I was immediately hooked. It wasn’t boxy or overly flowy, but tailored beautifully with just enough detail. I’m pretty sure this is meant to be a beach coverup, but honestly, I’ve been wearing it as a dress and have gotten so many compliments. It’s a beautifully flattering shape, and the prettiest deep blue hue. One of my other summer favorites has been this African woven hat from Midlands. It has a nice, large brim, a unique shape, and is under $50.

Pondicherie Deep V Caftan

LuvAJ Earrings and Bracelets, Versailles Two Piece Hoop

Studded Marquise Bracelet

Midland’s African Grass Woven Hat

Look 5

Shopping for my friend’s wedding was such a struggle, until I came across this adorable Rachel Comey dress. It’s breezy and light, and can be cute and casual or more cocktail with the addition of some fun jewelry.

Rachel Comey Dress

Freda Salvador Sandals

Kin and Kind Necklace