My sister, Amanda, finally had enough. We were at the very chic Veuve Cliquot Polo Match, which is the millennial version of the Ascot Gavotte in My Fair Lady. People are dresses to the absolute maximum of fabulous, and while I love dressing up as much as the next girl, the expectations for this event are pretty high.

So, I felt pretty good about my vintage dress. It was simple, and thoroughly non-embarrassing, while not exactly exciting. And Amanda, who is objectively cooler than me, approved – until she saw my purse. “What…is that?”

“My purse.”

“Claire, it’s an overnight bag.”

We bickered a bit, but once she saw that I could hold a jacket, computer, and small standing lamp ala Mary Poppins in my bag, she just shook her head ruefully. A few months later, for Christmas, I opened my gift from her – a very chic, though comically small, purse.

Message received, sister!

So, not only is this a pregnancy edition of “What’s in my purse,” but also a tiny purse edition.

Most of these items are my must haves no matter the contents of my uterus, but some of them have become even more necessary since becoming pregnant.

Aesop Resurrection Hand Salve

I have been SO lucky with my pregnancy – truly. I get guilty around women pregnant with girls because I haven’t had any morning sickness, no exhaustion, no nothing. Just strong nails, thick hair, a fat ass, and the one negative – dry hands. Out of nowhere I have dry, scaly, talon hands, so my Aesop Hand Salve has become my go to. I’m now a lady who moisturizes every morning and evening, and sometimes in between. It’s weird, but it’s needed.

Jao Refresher

I’ve never been a hand sanitizer abuser – but I do love this stuff. It’s vaguely natural, it smells wonderful, and it’s not aggressively drying. I spray it on my car wheel every now and then, and will definitely be using this for a quick stroller refresh when the time comes.

Caudelie Eau de Beaute

Not as bad as my hands, but my skin has gotten a little dryer, so I spray my face with this balancing, moisturizing mist all the damn time. I love it HARD.


One of the weirder things to change in pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, was my shift from flat to sparkling water. I love it! So now I buy huge packs of Perrier at costco and pop one in my purse every morning.


Not pictured because I ate all of them. But I’ve put a mini sleeve of saltines in my purse every few days. I’ll find myself being hungry for sort of nothing in particular, and saltines are PERFECT.

Glossier Matte Lipstick in Like

The best natural color, with a bit of moisture.


If I’m in line somewhere for more than 30 seconds, I’m reading. I love this e-reader because it has exactly the right amount of bells and whistles. I just need a dictionary and a good index, nothing else please!

Knitting with MadeleineTosh Yarn

I’m in the process of attempting to not ruin a baby blanket. I’m a terrible knitter, but love doing it, and am looking forward to terrorizing my child deeply embarrassing sweaters that they feel guilty about throwing away. The joys of motherhood!

Clare Vivier Bag

My big bag was Clare Vivier, and now my tiny one is too. I just love love love her purses. Well made, good prices, and just hip enough without being trendy.