Wine related products tend to be on the stuffy side.  Covered in grapes, evoking a Tuscan hillside, looking to an older gentleman with intimidating whiskers for approval, wine related wares can be so boring.  Certainly not the kind of thing you want to pull out when company is coming over.  Well, it’s time for wine to get fun, and my girl Whitney is just the woman to do it.

Whitney, you might remember, is the voice behind the fantastic wine blog, Brunellos Have More Fun, and the star of the wine pairing series I produce with her.  She’s awesome, and unsurprisingly, her new online shop Bottle Stock is awesome too.

Powder coated wine openers, tie dyed leather cocktail napkins and coasters, adorable tags and gift cards – all of your wine giving and drinking needs can be found on her new site.  I’m so excited for her, and absolutely adore her products.  I’m sure you will too :).