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If you were to come over and open my refrigerator right now you’d find, I am not kidding you, 3 dozen hard boiled eggs inside! My husband, Craig, has recently developed a hard-boiled egg habit, and every time he goes to the store he comes home with so many eggs we have to play a very long game of Tetris to re-organize the refrigerator so they all fit! At first I laughed and made fun of him for stuffing our refrigerator with what feels like all the eggs in the world, but then I found myself snagging a couple here and there as a healthy, quick, and simple snack for busy days. Thanks, Craig! 

Adding eggs to a meal in multiple ways is a total winner in my book because they are a nutrition powerhouse and low in calories. In this recipe, we are hard-boiling them and adding them to homemade Caesar dressing. For these bites, we are essentially taking all the things that make Caesar salad so delicious, and isolating them into bite-sized finger food. For me, an appetizer should tempt the palate perfectly without being too filling. Hard-boiled eggs are perfect for that because they are light enough to tease dinner, but also hearty enough to keep hungry guests satisfied! These bites also include fresh cracked black pepper, butter-toasted panko bread crumbs, and homemade fresh dressing. The egg gets to be the star of the show, adding texture, flavor, and sustenance!

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