I’ve always been a fan of cracking open a bottle of wine for friends and family when we gather together, but I’ve never known much about the process of blending wines. Lucky for me, Chateau Ste. Michelle invited me to the perfect event for wine and aroma lovers alike! 

I’m a huge research nerd so this night was made just for me. We got to hop around different stations tasting and learning more about the aromatics of wine, like the chocolate and cherries in Cabernet and the peaches and citrus in Riesling. All this new knowledge helped when we got a chance to blend our own wine with Chateau Ste. Michelle winemaker David Rosenthal to create a unique flavor profile. We even got to create our own scents for a personalized aromatherapy moment. I chose woodsy moss and tobacco for a neutral, yet rich aroma.

I can’t wait to put my new knowledge to use over the holidays when creating wine and food pairings – like a Riesling with crab or Cabernet Sauvignon with a Mushroom Bolognese. Hope everyone has something to raise a glass to this holiday season.