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You know that person I’m talking about.  Maybe it’s your boss, a sister in law, or even your best friend, but they’re those people who have that indistinguishable taste or style that can be hard to pin down when you’re shopping for gifts.  So here are some gifts that range from safe to so random (a pet tipi!) you can’t miss.

Eames Memory Game $16

I love memory games (Guess Who, anyone?) and this is as fun and stylish as they get.  This is the perfect gift to bring to a holiday party and then end up playing with friends.

Tassel Key Chain $30

My key chain looks like a building super’s. It’s an embarrassing mass of brass, and something as chic and fun as an oversized tassel would definitely dress it up.

Black Flag Tote $40

Maybe they love going to the farmer’s market? Maybe they just need something to carry they’re crap? If you want to really make this gift awesome, through a bottle of wine in it.

Golden Wishbone $48

First, it’s gold, second, you can stick it anywhere. On a desk, a bookshelf, it looks lovely, and it’s a lucky token too.

Pet Tipi $54

I knowwwww. A pet tipi. But you know what? I dare you to give this to someone and not have them smile. Because it’s just so silly and fun.

Olive Branch Wreath $58

Fresh flowers, wine, candles and desserts are classic hostess gifts, but how nice would this olive branch wreath be instead? If they already have a wreath on their door it can make a lovely centerpiece with candles in the center.

Brass Glockenspiel $85

First off, the word glockenspiel is just too fun to say. Glockenspiel!  And yes, it’s a children’s toy, but if you have any musically minded friends this charming instrument sounds absolutely magical when played.  It’s simple design also makes it a chic and slightly eccentric accessory.

Cire Trudon Candle $85

I’m obsessed with the And El Kader candle by Cire Trudon.  Its blend of mint, green tea, and tobacco makes it the perfect gender neutral scent for anyone’s home. Plus, it’s expensive enough that most people wouldn’t buy it for themselves.

Bunny Slippers $95

These felted bunny slippers are a luxe way to keep your feet cozy. Plus, they’re an adult take on a childhood classic, which everyone loves.

Woolen Throw $175

This simple throw is a perfect accessory for any home. Toss it over a couch, bed, or keep it in the linen closet for later, it’s neutral palette and cozy feel means everyone will love it.