I’ve been obsessed with Hollywood glamor shots since girlhood, so getting to play dress-up was a dream come true. I teamed up with my cousin Erica, from the blog Pretty Pleased to recreate the looks of some of our favorite beauty icons. Tell me who we should do next in the comments!

Rita Title

Holiday Party Glamor Look / Rita Hayworth

This is your chance to wow them.  You’re either trying to impress the people at your office, your sweetheart’s office, or that crush lingering around the mistletoe. Don’t worry.  When you’re channelling Rita Hayworth you really can’t go wrong.  Just keep asking yourself, “What would Gilda do?”

A 1940s femme fatale look is all about a red lip, a deep side part with luxurious waves, and out of control lashes.  Like, you could start a mini hurricane just by batting your eyes a few too many times.  This is a fantastic look to bust out at festive events where a little extra va-va-voom is not only smiled upon but encouraged.  Cheers!

rita directions