Because of what I do, it might seem like I would always have dinner on the table for my family, or I’m pureeing homemade food for my son, James, but the truth is I struggle with this just like any other working mom. My hours are weird and long, and sometimes I don’t have time to put together the meals I wish I could for James. Once James started transitioning to solids, I started exploring the world of pre-packaged baby food and my first move was to flip the product over and read the label. It’s pretty surprising how many foods for babies have complicated ingredients and honestly, more “stuff” than I’m interested in. I wanted something that was like the homemade purees I make for James when I can.

When Gerber connected with me about their Gerber 2nd Foods® Apple and Carrot puree, I was surprised by what I saw. Gerber has been making baby food for 90+ years, so I was surprised by the simplicity of these purees: Just apples or carrots and water. That’s it. No salt, no preservatives, basically what I would use if I was making it myself – whole foods, prepared simply.

What I found most appealing about these flavors was the texture and how close to homemade it is. The puree was the perfect thickness, hugging the spoon with every delicious mouthful. I of course have made James baby food before so I was happy to see that this puree looked just like mine (I don’t think he could tell the difference either).

Digging a little deeper, I was also moved by Gerber’s approach to agriculture, their Clean Field Farming practice. They work directly with Gerber farmers to track their produce, so they always know the source of every bite of food. Having great produce is what helps make these purees just like homemade. Not only are these purees made with Non GMO produce, they’re grown through sustainably minded farming, keeping nutrients in the soil with crop rotation. Some soil can have naturally high levels of nitrates and heavy metals, which you don’t want in your baby’s food, and Gerber has some of the strictest soil requirements in the world.

But beyond what was in the food and how it was made, James’s reaction is what mattered to me most. He loved it. We’re doing baby-led weaning which means mealtime is messy, but he loves getting to taste and try everything we put on his tray. He enjoyed the carrots especially, which is no surprise, given his obsession with sweet potato, and almost finished the whole thing himself before attempting to throw it across the room – giggling with glee. Luckily, I was able to grab it before my kitchen was covered in carrot. Our dog, Buster, who sits optimistically under James’s high chair during mealtime, was disappointed. Buster loves carrots too.