It’s hard to still refer to James as a baby. Even though he’s not even 18 months old, he’s walking, moving, climbing, and lifting anything he can. He wants to be a big boy so badly, and I just want cuddles and for him to sit still for a second. 

As he’s grown, his diet has shifted too. He loves crunchy veggies and grabbing everything himself. So when Beech-Nut® Naturals™ reached out to me about trying their baby food, I immediately thought: baby mezze platter. James loves dipping and exploring, so I grabbed the different flavors I thought he would enjoy – Just Carrots, Just Apples, and Just Pear & Blueberry – and pared them with his favorite fruit and least favorite vegetable. 

Raw carrots were not really his thing at all. He always goes for cucumber, jicama, broccoli and celery, and of course fruit. But for some reason not carrots. So I opened up a few jars of Beech-Nut Naturals (James immediately started playing with the lids, trying to screw them on and off) and dipped carrots in. I sat back, expecting having to start this whole meal over with cucumbers I had ready in the fridge, and waited. Unsurprisingly, James ate all of the strawberries I had dipped in the Beech-Nut Naturals first. But, unsure at first, he eventually grabbed a carrot. 

The snap of the crunchy carrot made him smile, and with the Just Pear and Blueberry on top he went to town. MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH. Nibbling like a bunny rabbit.

I love this idea so much, because I can use the flavors I know he loves to introduce him to new things. Plus, when he doesn’t feel like vegetables, I can choose a veggie puree to go with his favorite fruit – sort of like a deconstructed smoothie. 

The more I explored Beechnut Naturals, the more I liked it. The flavors are simple, non gmo, all natural, with no artificial ingredients. The company is small and from upstate New York. And my favorite quality is how they developed their real food for babies – by asking parents. Their team sat down at meal time with different families to see how they ate, what the babies enjoyed, and what worked best for them. It’s such an authentic, simple approach, and James and I love it.