This is a sponsored blog post written by me. The opinions and text are all mine.

I’m so happy to be sharing something that I think is so important – the reality of feeding your baby. I’m partnering with Enfamil NeuroPro™ to share my experience with transitioning from breast to bottle to solids, and what that journey has been like for me.

I think every mother has a fantasy of what breast feeding will be like when they’re expecting – and for me, I envisioned myself as a breast-feeding warrior mom – hoping to do it for about a year. But, James had other plans…

Feeds were incredibly frustrating and painful from the start – frustrating for James and painful for me. He had this big appetite that I couldn’t fill through breastfeeding. And then, I went back to work only three weeks after giving birth, and breast feeding became even less realistic for me.

So I switched to the bottle, and at first it felt like a failure. I was supposed to be this breast feeding badass! But honestly, the thing that made me happy about the switch was James’s reaction. He was full, he was calm, and he loved the bottle. He’s been this independent little guy from day one, and I think he just liked the feeling of it. I also loved how connected it made my husband, Craig. Craig could now nourish James – it didn’t have to all come from me. And my mom, who I live 10 minutes from, could help too. It all of a sudden opened up James to bonding in a special way with the people most special to me.

For my work, I’m on set 12 hours a day – so whatever I pumped was what we had on hand. This created a lot of feeding gaps – my breast milk didn’t go far enough, and honestly, I created a lot of breast milk – that was one thing i did not struggle with. Like, enough for twins. but, my schedule made it impossible for me to always have the right amount stocked.

Cognitive development was the most important thing to me in those early months of James’s life, and was one of my top concerns when researching formula. I didn’t know what to expect. My pediatrician recommended that I look into Enfamil NeuroPro. When I saw that it has brain-building benefits similar to those of breast milk, and was the first formula that has a fat-protein blend of MFGM and DHA previously found only in breast milk*, I was really impressed.

*In amounts supported by clinical research. As measured by Bayley cognitive scores.

It’s funny how James and my body seemed to have a timeline I didn’t know about, because just as he started eating solids, around 6 months, my milk supply dried up. Goodbye fantasy of breast feeding for a year! It was so funny – for feeding him solids, he would get annoyed with me when I tried to spoon feed him. I got sort of fed up and handed him the spoon. Of course, he put it in his mouth backwards flinging sweet potatoes everywhere, but after that day he has loved feeding himself. I didn’t mean to do baby-led weaning, but here we are! I love it, because now we can enjoy dinner as a family instead of in shifts. James feeds himself, and Craig and I chat with him as we enjoy our dinner too. I’ll take things off of my plate in little bites and put it on his high chair tray, and he tries it in his own time. His independent streak means he won’t try something if I force it on him, but he’ll try it if it’s in front of him. So, he’s actually pretty adventurous when it comes to food. Dried seaweed is his latest favorite, along with chia seed pudding.

But yeah, that’s where we are in our food journey! It was definitely not what I expected, but If I’ve learned anything, it’s to be open and non-judgmental. As a mom, all you can do is make the best decision for yourself and your baby in that moment, and I’m so happy with where we are. James is a bright, energetic little guy, and considers himself quite grown up – if you ask him of course, haha.

Thanks so much for letting me share my journey with feeding James. Please comment below! What was your experience like?

For more information on Enfamil NeuroPro, the brand of formula I use with James, make sure to check out www.enfamil.com

Thanks guys, and see you soon!