Opening gifts is such a distinct pleasure.  The rip and crinkle of the paper, that sense of anticipation and mystery – as a child it’s almost too exciting to bear. I wasn’t so bad that I’d go into my parent’s closet to discover what they had gotten me for Christmas, but still – I’d practically leap out of bed when the day finally came.

One of the things that helped take the edge off of my anticipation was the Advent calendar: a physical Christmas countdown clock filled with candy.  Everyday I’d open one, knowing I was one day closer to Christmas.  Some days I’d eat two squares, and god help me if my sister tried to get in on this Advent action, it would not end well.

I prefer a clean, unfussy aesthetic, so used simple craft paper boxes and postage stickers on a white board, but you can add whatever “flair” you like. Just imagine the spark of joy when a kid (or, ahem, grown woman) gets to open a box and taste the ultimate chocolate experience inside every day! Plus, it’s so easy to whip together. Enjoy!

What You’ll Need:

24 pieces of chocolate

Uline 2″x2″ boxes

Glitter Number Stickers

Gold Mailing Seals

Glue or Heavy Duty Tape

One 20 x 30” poster board


Build and fill each box with a chocolate. Close and secure with a sticker, and then add the numbers. You should have number 1 through 24.

Flip each box over and apply the glue or tape. Lay the poster on a counter and place the boxes in neat rows. Gently press down the boxes to really secure them to the poster. Let the poster sit with the boxes overnight if using glue, or for 10 minutes it using tape.

Prop up on your mantle or console table and enjoy!