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Flutes are the current style for sipping bubbly, but I just love love love the old fashioned coupe style of glassware.  There’s something extra luxurious about the bubbles tickling your nose and they make much better models for burlesque dancers to bathe in.

The origin story behind these lovely, voluptuous glasses is a bit…ahem…titillating. Apparently they were modeled after Marie Antoinette’s left breast, but then again, that might’ve been for her milk cups (I’m not kidding) from her Pleasure Dairy (the faux dairy where Marie would frolic with her ladies dressed as milk maids). But these lovely glasses, however they came to be, fell out of favor for letting the champagne bubbles flurry and pop too quickly, leading people to gulp their champagne quickly so it wouldn’t get flat.  No matter.  I still prefer the coupe.  It’s more fun to sip out of, it has quite the mythology, and honestly, I like the look of them…which I guess is a compliment to the Dauphine.

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