COLORFUL EYELINER // The Kitchy Kitchen

Everyone jokes that every family needs a lawyer and a doctor, but I’d like to add make up artist to that list. My cousin Erica is a fabulous professional makeup artist and the beauty blogger behind Pretty Pleased, her site featuring beauty tips and tricks, her insider advice. I thought she could bring a little of that beauty wisdom over to The Kitchy Kitchen, so she’ll be here blogging once a month. Stay tuned for all things pretty and lovely!

Eyeliner is a quick and easy way to make your face come alive.  Put down the blah brown and boring black, and pick up some fun colors instead.  Colored eyeliner not only makes your peepers pop, but it’s an easy way to update your usual routine.  Keeping the rest of your makeup simple, makes these three eyeliner ideas super easy and wearable.  Plus, you can substitute for any color you like and experiment away!

COLORFUL EYELINER // The Kitchy Kitchen

  • I love the last one! You’re such a gorgeous girl 😀

  • Wow the gold looks stunning and so much easier to pull off than I thought!

  • Carrie

    Love wearing gold eyeliner! I’ve been rocking a peacock blue recently that is so fun.