I’m so excited to share this fun craft with you today! It takes no time, and is the perfect winter DIY.

Arm Knit Infinity Scarf:

You’ll Need:

3 skeins Super Bulky Yarn (I used ASAP by MadeleineTosh)


Cast On:

You will be working from 3 skeins of bulky yarn at the same time. the ends together and treat it as if it were one strand of thick yarn. Before you start, make sure your yarn can unfurl from your skeins easily.

About 1.5 yards from the end of the yarn, make a loop by taking the working yarn over the tail.

Pull the working yarn through the loop. ????????????????????????????????????????????

Place the slip knot on your right hand with the tail closer to you and the working yarn farther from you.

Make a loop with the tail, so that the remainder of the tail hangs in front of the loop.

Hold the top of the loop with your right hand. Put your left hand through the loop and grab the working yarn.

Pull it through the loop. Drop the yarn you held with your right hand. // Put your new loop over your right hand.

Pull the working yarn and tail apart to tighten the stitch on your arm. // Repeat this process for as many stitches as you’d like.

Pick up the working yarn and place it over your thumb on your right hand. (You won’t be using the tail any more.)

To keep the fabric full, continue to make the stitches fairly snug to your arm. It helps to grab the working yarn close to the hand/arm you are moving your stitches to. This helps the stitches stay close together. 

Continue knitting until piece measures approximately 60” or you run out of yarn. Make sure you stop witha minimum of 4 yards remaining to bind off and seam the cowl.

Start with all the stitches on your left arm (you can bind off either way, but this direction is more typical). //Knit two stitches on to your right arm. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Tip: Keep yarn bunched up on your wrists to prevent stretching and keep your hands close together

Tip: Pull on your stitch to tighten before starting the next one.

Tip: To stop knitting, use a slim belt to hold onto everything.

Binding off:

knit the next stitch from your left arm. You should have two stitches on your right arm again. Pick up the first stitch on your right hand again. Pull it up and over the stitch you just put on. The stitches you bind off will chain with one another over the top of the yarn. Continue this process to bind off stitches until there is one left.

When binding off, keep the stitches loose enough to match the width of the stitches below. It’s easy to make it too tight.

Weave the two sides together on the purl side. Tuck yarn under the seam and cut ends. Do this with the tail and any excess yarn.

You’re Done!