DIY CONFETTI EGGS // The Kitchy Kitchen

I always feel obligated around this time of year to do some kind of egg DIY, but I’m going to be honest with you…I don’t like Easter Eggs.  

They never turn out that well, for me at least, and then they just sort of hang around the house, overstaying their welcome. Do I just…throw them out? After all of that effort? Ugh.

But then I remembered cascarones, the confetti eggs I’d buy at my church’s Easter carnival. The church moms would spend a day making dozens and dozens of these (followed by dozens of omelettes afterwards, I’m sure) and sell them for 50 cents a piece or a dozen for $5. We’d run around smashing the eggs over our friends’ heads, and it wasn’t considered a good carnival unless we were covered in paper and shell.

This is another classic Mexican tradition that made its way into my childhood in LA. Getting one broken over your head is meant to be good luck, and you’ll see cascarones show up in Mexico around big events like weddings, dia de los muertos, and yep, La Pascua (Easter). These are so much more fun and so much easier to make than classic Easter eggs. I hope you all enjoy!

NOTE: I filled my eggs with confetti, but you can fill them with whatever. Tiny toys, money, birdseed. Go crazy!

DIY CONFETTI EGGS // The Kitchy Kitchen