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Fuzzy benches, ottomans, and stools have been running amuck on Pinterest lately, but hey – not mad.  I love how frivolous and playful they look.  You would never have an entire couch like this, but as an accent? Amazing.  Of course, like all things chic and awesome, the people doing it right know they are the only ones doing it right and charge major $$$$$$.  I’m looking at you Jonathan Adler.

They know that faux fur usually looks awful, and that the real deal is a bit pricey, so here we are with $500 stools and $2000 benches, which though chi as all get-out as a little beyond almost everyone’s price point.

Enter Ikea, my favorite source of inspiration.  They have a really good fake sheepskin, the Ren, that my cat is obsessed with, and the have $5 stools.  Throw in my go-to DIY tip – Spray paint it gold! – and you basically have these lovely little stools. Thirty bucks, thirty minutes max (excluding drying time for paint), and you have a fabulous accent piece.  Enjoy!

DIY FURRY STOOLS // The Kitchy Kitchen

  • These are too cute and stylish – they add so much fun!

  • Great idea! I will try it to style with sheepskin in pink ;0) with gold legs.

    Regards with a smile from Germany

  • LOVE!!

  • Annie Thomas

    Keep in mind the material is quite expensive, in my case I paid $27.99 for a yard which was on sale the regular price was $39.00, so I suggest you look for coupons. I bought mine from Joann’s Fabrics. It was relatively easy to make and the saleslady suggested to keep it from flying all over the place one you cut it, put in the dryer on Air Tumble for about 10 minutes and that worked. All together it cost me approximately $15.00 to make because I used an old stool I had around the house, painted the legs green to match my decor and still had enough material left to make a second one. Use any old stool you can find and spray paint the legs your favorite color.

    • Christina

      They sell this rug at IKEA

  • I’ve been planning on making one of these for my closet for months now. Maybe this year I’ll finally get it done! Haha. Cute DIY!
    Leslie / @hautemommie /

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  • I love love love this DIY tutorial. Must get around to doing this. Thank you for sharing!