DIY Terrazzo Soap

I am not the most DIY person, but when I do, I require that a DIY is a) easy b) cheap c) actually cute. These darling soaps are all of those things, and actually super nourishing as well. Terrazzo is my current pattern obsession, and because I can’t retile my bathroom, I adding the pattern to my soap. The scent can be anything you like, but I did my current favorite blend. It’s earthy, bright, and super relaxing. Enjoy!


1 pound clear soap, chopped

1 pound goat milk soap, chopped

2 -3 carbon/charcoal capsules

Essential oils (My blend)

5 drops petitgrain

5 drops bergamot

5 drops vetiver

3 drops lavender

3 drops grapefruit

3 drops bitter orange


Gently melt each soap separately and pour into their own bowls (something with a spout is helpful). Pour the essential oils into the goat milk soap and stir to combine. Break open the carbon capsules and stir into the melted clear soap until opaque. Pour off 1/4 of the black soap into a plastic container (something square-ish is best), and pour off 1/4 of the goat milk soap into a plastic container. Pop them in the freezer to set, about 20 minutes.

Force the hardened soap out of the plastic containers, and chop into irregular pieces. Set aside.

Warm up the remaining soaps again if they’ve hardened a bit. Take two pullman-style loaf pans (any container works, but I like the squared off look of a pullman loaf) and place the chopped up pieces of soap in them, one white and one black. Next, pour the remaining melted soap over it’s opposite color. So, white over black pieces, black over white pieces. Let the soap harden fully, then pop out of the tin and cut into 1 inch thick slices. Trim slices for a squared off look it you prefer. Enjoy!