Craig is just missing the deadline for Father’s Day this year, but for inspiration, I looked to some presents I’ve given him over the past year that I think are perfect for a younger Father’s Day. All of these gifts a functional, chic, and not at all embarrassing.

Robb Vice Box

I am not a big “box” person, but when Craig started receiving the Robb Vice box, I found myself jumping ahead of him to open it. It’s always fabulous. Robb Vices is a membership program centered on a monthly delivery of storied treasures. Whether it’s a rare whiskey, delicious chocolate, or high end gadget (Craig once got head phones that retail $300+), there’s always a unique find.

Robb Vice kindly offered For quarterly, six month and annual memberships $15 off plus a bonus box!  Valid through June 31. Make sure to use KITCHYVIP when you check out!

Woodlot Candle

Manly candles usually smell like pinesol to me, but I love the sophisticated, layered scents from Woodlot. Each Woodlot candle is handmade with care using clean-burning, petroleum-free coconut wax in small batches, and the packaging is beautifully gender neutral. All of the scents are lovely, but original is my favorite: a blend of eucalyptus, sandalwood & sweet orange. It’s the go to scent for my husband’s office.

Aesop Face wash

Getting my husband to take care of his skin is a near impossible task, so I’ve mostly given up and comforted myself with the knowledge that I will look moisturized and youthful while people will wonder how this older, in need of a facial, man got so lucky. But then I feel bad for him, and just make sure to hide the terrible body soap he uses on his face and replace it with this in the shower. Aesop’s face wash’s olive-derived formulation is cleansing but gently, and smells and looks wonderful.

Shinola Monogrammed Notebook

I’m a terrible journaler in that I do not journal, and neither does Craig, so I figured purchasing a very nice journal with our future son’s name monogrammed on it would sufficiently guilt trip us into journaling our time as new parents. Shinola’s journals are American made, super durable, and come in a beautiful spectrum of colors.

Hamilton and Hare

I gasped in horror when I realized Craig’s only loungewear were his basketball shorts or a threadbare fleece robe from college. A very nice robe went to the top of his Christmas shopping list. I love this one from Hamilton and Hare, inspired by the original hooded boxing robe. It’s 100% cotton with a fine loop towelling lining and a pique cotton outer layer, so it’s relatively light weight and will keep you dry post-shower. But, it’s still chic enough to walk outside and grab the morning paper with dignity.