Merci is my favorite shop in Paris, without a doubt.  It’s one of those spots built for window shopping.  Three stories high and filled with natural light, it has a fantastic array of local designers, special collections, vintages pieces, and practically anything from 3 euros to 3000 euros. I always stock up on inexpensive keepsakes to bring back to friends and glumly stare at all the fabulous outside of wallet’s capacity.  Or I just hang out in one of the three (!) cafes and just people watch, whicah is a very Parisian thing to do.

Another cool thing about Merci is that it’s almost guilt-free shopping.  Instead of taking the profits from the store, the founders decided that the proceeds of this investment would serve to fund an endowment to pay for educational projects and development in south-west Madagascar.  So you can feel good about all of those linens you’re stocking up on.  Shopping for a cause!

These linens are one of my favorite things at the moment.  I bought an apron and two dish towels in the same dusty taupe with a bold red stripe.  It’s simple, modern with a nod to classic bistro style, but the linen just looks great, whether it’s wrinkled in a ball or ironed perfectly crisp.  The dish towels are super functional too.  Other that using them to dry dishes, they also work as place settings and as an impromptu apron if you need one in a pinch.  They come in practically every color and don’t even GET ME STARTED on the bedding.