Black and white1

Black and white is the most classic of color combinations.  Or should I say tonal combinations? White presents the lack of color and black the combination of all color, or is it the other way around? I didn’t pay the best attention that week in eight grade science class.

Regardless, whether it’s print on a page, or Ilford film, or whatever monochromatic combination you can think of, black and white has a timelessness unlike any other combination.  Avocado and rust feels so 70s, cerulean blue and fushia screams the 80s, the 90s is…shudder…I don’t know, prints? denim? plaid? God knows what. I was into Lisa frank back then so I’m not exactly a source on the subject. But regardless, black and white sort of supersedes trends, it’s how we imagine history looking and how we envision the clean minimalism of the future.

But how to bring all that into a kitchen…

The kitchen and dining room doesn’t seem like the ideal scenario for black and white together.  Too modern and the black and white will feel like you’re inside Tron or the matrix.  Too rustic and it looks off.  The trick is in finding details filled with character, and almost softening the combination.  Wood, tiles, personal touches all do this.  Here are some of my favorite examples of the most classic color/non-color combination.  Hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me!

Black and white2

Black and white3

Black and white4

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