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I love an all white kitchen or dining.  It’s clean, fresh, and can be super modern or classic or funky, based on the textures and shapes you use.  But even with my undying love for a minimalist mise en scène, there’s something about color.  Not like, a pastel of whatever against beige, but COLOR. Diana Vreeland style: saturated, layered, over the top, color on color on color.  Being bold in domestic spaces can be intimidating, but don’t fret.  It’s about finding a theme and sticking through with it to the end.  The thing about color is you have to embrace it.

Whether it’s sticking to hues in one palette against a neutral canvas, or adding one adventurous pop against an otherwise classic background, or even going bold and doing a yellow floor, these spaces are chic, fun, and so personal.  Hope you’re as inspired as I am by their awesomeness!

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