Korean skincare and beauty products have been at the front of trends for at least the last decade, but I’m just starting to cozy up to them. It honestly all started with the sheet masks – those masks that make you look like something between Patrick Bateman and Michael from Friday the 13th. They’re cheap, they’re single use, and they work. I loved how my skin felt after using them, and it was always a fun, in expensive experience. Instead of investing in a product that might not pan out, I got to test a variety of masks until I found ones that worked for me. 

I live in Los Angeles, which has a large Korean population, so finding Korean products has never been an issue, but if you are on the hunt online, Memebox carries a lot of fun items, along with Amazon, Sephora, and the usual online spots.

Sebum Out! 

I don’t tend to get many blackheads, but some of my family does, so I thought this would be a fun product to try out together. Going on it’s very cooling and refreshing, but you have to be careful to use very little. If you glop it on it’ll take forever to dry. After about 15 minutes, you simply peel off the mask. The biggest result I noticed was skin softening and mattify-ing effects, so if you have an oily t-zone this might be a great product for you. It did pull out some tiny hairs, sebum, and black heads, but not in a satisfying way if you’re a weirdo like me who wants to examine the results. 


Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

This is the perfect shower mask! It takes a little extra effort to scrub off, so doing it when you’re in the shower is super convenient. Filled with detoxifying clays and charcoal, this mask is perfect for when you need a purifying deep clean. So if I accidentally went to bed with my make up on, this mask will set my skin straight in the morning. Plus, the bubbles are fun and tingly – not sure if they do anything beyond that.

Crystal Sun Spray AD SPF 50 + PA+++

I am ghostly pale, so SPF in my skin regimen is always a plus. What’s great about this spray on sunscreen is that you don’t need to blend it in and it works as a fixative for your make up. It also has a slightly matte finish that combats oily skin.


Royal Tint Honey Balm – Calendula Orange

Imagine a lip balm that has a deep pigment – this is it. I usually have to lather on something to soften my lips, than add lipstick for a bigger color pop, but this product combines both ideas into one. It goes on smooth, smells nice, and one me, really shows up as a lovely color.

Botanical Pure Mask 14 Days Variety Kit

I have pretty sensitive skin, so I love that these masks are soothing and free of irritating ingredients. Also, as far as sheet masks go, they’re inexpensive but give your skin smooth, soft, dewy results. Each one has a different purpose (my favorite is the collagen boosting one), but overall I’ve noticed them to be soothing and hydrating.


Peeling Soothing Mask

This is a lovely nighttime mask that has two steps: exfoliating and hydrating. You use the little gel pack to remove dead skin and prepare the face to deeply take in the moisture, and the sheet mask hydrates and enriches the skin. Honestly, I love the exfoliator because it’s non-abrasive. My sensitive skin will turn angry and red if I use something too rough, and this is soothing while actually clearing away sad, dead skin.