I’m a neutrals kind of girl. If you were to bump into me in the street, I’m probably in all black, or mixing it up with a pop of grey. Neutrals are a wonderful shorthand for put together and stylish, but without having to exert extra effort. But here’s the thing about neutrals – they can get boring really fast. If it’s all the same color, texture, etc. there’s no detail of style. So how do you make neutrals chic and interesting? Texture! With this look, I’m mixing silk, knits, and even rough fringe with metallics to get a layered, composed look, while keeping it in the same color story. Here are some of the pieces I put together.

Sweater: Jenni Kayne

Slip dress: Jenni Kayne 

Necklaces: Luv AJ

Sandal: Joie

Purse: Onora

Glasses: Steven Alan