As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been exchanging make up for skin care, editing what matters and what doesn’t when it comes to my face. For me, dewy, healthy skin – or faking it – is key, moisturized, flushed lips, glowing cheeks, and power brows finish the look. I get lash extensions, so I’ll never appear fully effortless, but man, if they don’t help me look bright eyed on even my most haggard days. I call this look the no make up look because it’s all about augmenting what’s already there, not covering up.

First, start with a cleaned, moisturized and prepped face, always. Binu Binu soap is inspired by the Korean bath house, and uses lovely ingredients. I love this one made with barley tea and nourishing clay – it’s super gentle.

Next, I use the Caudelie Premier Cru products. Yeah, it’s expensive, but I’m officially in my 30s and need to start giving a damn about my skin. But whatever moisturizer is your jam, start with that. And remember to go down to your neck!

For all of my face make up, I use a Beauty Blender, but a brush can work as well. You want to create a seamless, effortless look, so as RuPaul would say, “Beat that face!”

I don’t do foundation, because I hate the mask-like effect it can create on my skin. But, if you want to even out your skin tone and get a bit more coverage, I recommend using a tinted BB cream, or mixing some of your foundation with your moisturizer.

Ok, we’re prepped! So here we go…


I start with a triangle of coverage going under my eyes and down the sides of my nose using the classic, YSL Touche Eclat. It works as a highlighter as well as concealer, so it bounces light off the face, adding a luminizing effect. Remember, blend blend blend! If you need more coverage, add an extra layer of the Touche Eclat after blending, and then blend again.

The Stila lip/cheek duo in Peony is a middle school hold over of mine, and it’s just too good to let go of. For me, it’s the perfect barely there color, and has a fabulous, smooth texture. Simply smile and pat a few fingertips worth on each cheek. Blend.

To finish the face, take a highlighter – Glossier Haloscope is so good and easy to use – and draw the highlighter on top of your cheek bones, along the bridge of your nose, on the tip of your chin, in your cupid’s bow (above your lips), and on the brow bone just above your brow. I love that this one has a nice sheen, but also a clear dewy center for an extra glowy look. Blend again!


Perfectly groomed brows add structure to your face, so I always add this to my routine, even if I’m running out the door. I live by my Anatasia brow pomade. It’s super potent, so only put a small amount on an angled brush and brush into your natural brows. I always blend with a q-tip afterwards.


I finish with a touch of Peony followed by Glossier’s Balm Dot Com in Rose. It looks like you have naturally full, hydrated lips, but without looking too done.


To say that dry shampoo is a staple in my vanity is an understatement. I rely on the stuff practically every day. What I love about the Ouai Dry Shampoo.

For a finishing touch, spray with Caudelie Eau de Beaute. I have a travel size of this in my purse, and I love it. It immediately soothes and hydrates your skin, and is the perfect thing to finish off your natural look.