When I was a little girl, I used to love collecting sea glass on my family’s trips to the beach. Those bleached out colors and textures were so pretty on my bookshelf, and I guess that’s what drew me to vintage mason jars at first.  They have a weather beaten quality that adds a bit of character to their prettiness.  The oldest jar I have is from 1858, and jars like it will usually run you $10-20 a pop, but Ball Jar has released a Heritage Collection (I included one in the photo, it’s the shorter, shinier one) where you can buy a set of 6 for only $14.  They make lovely vases, drinking glasses, candle holders, or, I don’t know…containers for food? Basically, you can do practically anything with them, and whether you go for the slightly pricier, more patinated versions at flea markets, or buy the shiny new ones, they’re a lovely addition to any shelf.

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