How can you not be seduced by the glow of candlelight? It’s golden, soft, comforting, and everything looks a little bit better.  It can make almost anything seem a bit mysterious, or at least vague in a shadowy kind of way.  I guess I’ll put it this way: ever been on a date in an “over lit” restaurant? Was it sexy? I didn’t think so.  Mood lighting exists, and without it, an evening can seem a bit empty, like a party without music.

To put an exclamation point next to the delicate gleam of a tea light, Internationally recognized architecture and design firm CKR collaborated with Skultuna–a 400 year old brass works founded by Swedish King Karl IX–to create these brass tea light holders.  The brass reflects the flame, multiplying it, and giving it an even warmer hue. I fell in love with these little guys when I first saw them at Canoe in Portland. Pick up a trio for the next time you need a little mood lighting.