It’s funny that I don’t consider myself much of a girly girl.  Feminine, sure, but girly? I don’t think I invested enough in pink or manicures to pull that off.  But then I look at my kitchen.  Cupboards filled with pink depression glass, delicate tea cups, and a pantry ready to bake muffins at a moment’s notice.  Plus, I have these guys form Pip Studios populating my shelves.  So maybe I need to accept the fact that despite the abundance of black leather and studded jewelry, in my heart and kitchen, I am in fact quite girly.

Pip studios is a Dutch lifestyle company that makes the sweetest things.  The first time I came across their porcelain pieces I practically cooed with glee. Colorful and fun, these cups, saucers, and other fun things reference the tea service of a hundred years ago, but are still quite modern and contemporary.  The birds have a bit of a Japanese origami paper look to them, and the plates a one degree away from liberty print.  On their other products they play around with vibrant florals and Scandinavian looking sweater prints.  I love their products because of their exuberance and fun, and they’re dedication to just being really freaking cute and not worrying about it.

So unleash your girly girl and give these guys a look:  www.pipstudio.com