Believe or not, Jonathan Adler did not invent the Greek Key design.  He’s used it to amazing effect, and it fits right into his gorgeous mid century flare, but, with a little Ebay or Etsy snooping, you can find some Greek Keys of you own.

I stumbled upon these lovely little Libbey glasses on Ebay and had to snatch them up.  I love anything gold, so I fell in love with these guys immediately. You can keep them as little glass tea cups (perfect for hot buttered rum or mulled wine) or pop them out of the brass fitting and have dainty little tumblers.  They usually run $2-3 dollars apiece, which for something that looks like it fell right off the Jonathan Adler/Trina Turk/Kelly Wearstler truck, is a steal.

Scoop some up yourself using this ebay search.