Originally produced in the 20s and 30s for their durability for daily kitchen use, jadeite items have become sought after collectibles.  And with their delicate, lovely color, it’s impossible not to be charmed.

What a shame they’re expensive, eh?

Jadeite is something that’s always on my flea market/ebay list.  I have a pretty long list (tea cups, toile, depression glass, milk glass, and vintage table cloths populate the list as well), but well priced jadeite is a can’t miss opportunity. Repro cake stands can land in the $50-75 range, but I’ve picked up vintage ones on ebay for $35.  It’s all about keeping your eyes peeled and pouncing when the time is right.

Could you imagine how pretty a whole shelfful of jadeite bowls and glasses would be? Sigh…Maybe after a few more years at the flea markets.

To hunt for your own, here are some ebay and etsy links: +