Whitney’s Monthly Wine Pick: Always Under $15, and Always Delicious

Choosing a wine can be an intimidating task for the uninitiated, but any seasoned wine drinker knows that good wine doesn’t always mean expensive wine. That’s where Whitney comes in.  She’s here to help you pick a delicious bottle at an even more delicious price.

If you don’t already know her, I’d like to introduce all of you to my dear friend, Whitney Adams.  A fabulous sommelier living in Los Angeles, she just launched her wine accessories brand and online shop, Bottle Stock, and blogs about wine and other drinking adventures at Brunellos Have More Fun.  We make silly videos together and she’s basically the best.

Whitney’s November Pick:

2012 Lapierre “Raisins Gaulois”

Beaujolais, France

$13, Domaine LA

It’s November, so I’ve got turkey and Thanksgiving on the brain, naturally. It’s my favorite eating holiday of the year! Therefore, it’s also my favorite wine drinking holiday. The dishes on the Thanksgiving table pair quite perfectly with a fresh, vibrant style of red wine and Gamay is a grape that makes beautifully bright, light, and highly drinkable wines. Bypass the mass-produced supermarket Beaujolais Nouveau and grab a bottle of this organically farmed Beaujolais from the masters of Gamay, the Lapierre family.  Chill it down in the fridge a bit, twist off the cap (don’t be afraid of a screw cap!), and drink freely. Thankful are we for affordable wines like this!