1. Johnson Sandra

    Claire, Love your show & u-tube videos. My question is regarding kitchen sanitation. What are your recommendations regarding cleaning cutting boards, high end stainless knifes such as Heinkel and cleaning/sanitizing kitchen granite countertops? Thanks. Sandra Johnson, janeway5@aol.com

    1. TheKitchyKitchen Post author

      Hi Sandra, thank you for watching. Kitchen sanitation is tricky because everyone has their own methods. Me? I’m old-school! Especially with great materials like stainless steel and granite, which is pretty impervious to bacteria because it’s sealed. So, my go to is just hot water and dish soap. The one thing folks usually mess up in the whole cleaning process is remembering to grab a new towel or sponge (not the one already sitting in the sink that you used on last night’s dishes). That’s how weird bacteria get spread around. For cutting boards, it really depends on the type of wood but if it’s plastic, just toss it in the dishwasher. One thing to try for wood or plastic is applying 1 tablespoon each of baking soda, salt, and water (as a paste), then rinsing thoroughly with hot water. For the knives, again, just soap and hot water do wonders. If you have rust or stains on your cutlery, you can naturally remove them using a soft damp cloth, lightly dampened with cider or undiluted white vinegar (or lemon juice, olive oil or even soda water). I hope these tips help you keep things clean in the kitchen! xo


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