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I’m so excited to share this with you because, first off, it’s biscuits (and who doesn’t love freshly baked handmade biscuits?), and secondly, it’s a commercial I directed, which I’m always excited to share. One of the fun things about working in the commercial industry is how no matter how many spots you’ve shot or clients you’ve worked with, you can still be surprised. It was so fun getting the story boards for this Carl’s Jr/Hardees job and finding out that they bake their biscuits by hand, not just every day, but every hour. They have a designated biscuit-maker, who has their own area in the kitchen, and who’s entire work day is dedicated to making fluffy, golden, biscuits. I love finding out gems of information like that.

Laura, one of their top biscuits makers who appears in the commercial, broke down every step, and after a while I just let the camera roll while she worked. I told her to teach the DP who to bake them, and it he followed her hands as she fluffed, mixed, rolled, and baked them. The agency and I were obsessed with the texture and details, crumbs and drips, and yes…we ate the leftovers.

I hope you enjoy watching the final result of all of that work. Now I want a biscuit, with some honey and butter of course!

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Biscuits / The Kitchy Kitchen Biscuits / The Kitchy Kitchen Biscuits / The Kitchy Kitchen Biscuits / The Kitchy Kitchen