Trying to make better decisions, especially where my diet is concerned, is especially hard for me. I’m constantly cooking and tasting, and giving my gut a break rarely happens. Today I’m partnering with Naked Juice and their fabulous new line of cold pressed juices to discuss my super simple health habits and how to start them RIGHT NOW.

I love the idea of simplicity, and when you want to take a break from routine, turning everything upside down might sound good for the first few hours, but if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself backsliding the second external pressures (stress, time crunches, emotions) come into play. I’ve decided to focus on easy, achievable changes instead. This way I feel good about my choices, gan a little confidence, and can keep the momentum going. I hope you guys are inspired by my new health habits! Please share yours in the comments below.

Starting my day with warm lemon water

To help stimulate digestion, kick start my metabolism, and get a baby immunity boost, I’ve started adding warm lemon water to my morning routine. Lemon’s are natural sources of Vitamin C and Potassium, and combined with warm water it’s a quenching, filling way to start my body off on the right foot.

Replacing table salt with Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt has been touted as a panacea, and while that is a bit of hype, using this mineral rich (84, to be exact), natural salt to replace iodine treated, highly refined table salt is an easy way to get a little bit more from this basic ingredient.

Replacing normal cooking oil with coconut oil

Coconut is another darling of the health and wellness world, but for good reason. The same lauric acids and medium chain fatty acids that are found in human breastmilk is found in coconut oil, meaning it’s anti inflammatory and is processed easily in the body without being broken down by the liver. This is huge because it boosts your metabolism by burning stored fat.  Even though coconut oil is saturated, which is why it’s solid at room temperature, it won’t harm your cholesterol—it actually lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and raises HDL (good cholesterol) in the body.

Reach for a plant based, whole ingredient snack

Instead of munching on chips or cookies from a plastic bag, I’ve started folding cold pressed juice like new Naked Pressed Cool Pineapple, into my daily routine. I love how convenient this snack is on the go, plus it’s an easy way to get extra fruits and vegetables into my diet, without any added sugar or preservatives. Cool Pineapple is my favorite (the kick of cucumber is especially soothing), but each blend has its own delicious profile. Bright Greens has a lovely citrus punch and a kick from wheatgrass; Hearty Greens has a nice amount of natural sweetness from the apple and orange, making it a great choice for green juice novices; Lively Carrot is blended with powerful turmeric, making it a fabulous source of Potassium and Vitamin A; Bold Beet has a unique spice with fresh ginger, which is refreshing with a clean finish.


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